What's In a Name?

align awareness clarity definition healing meditations on life Jan 01, 2024
Waves collapsing into particles pink and blue

There is a magnetic pull in



Narrowing us to a



Like striking a particular

Musical note.


Or collapsing a wave into

A particle.


A name can open a

Vibrational record.


What name were you called

As a child?


Which record of self does

That name open?


Which name fell from your

Lover’s lips?


What vibration of you

Does that access?


What did your greatest adversary

Call you?


Who are you when that

File is activated?


Sometimes the same word is 

Spoken in a different tone?


Maybe more sharp or flat,

Or deliciously harmonic?


How do you know which one

Is the real you?


Which aspect of you would you

Like to be?


If you must use a word,

Be precise.


You are collapsing all other

Possibilities you see.


By what name would you

Like me to call you?


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