Touching Point

calling change clarity community connection unity Mar 05, 2023

Touching Point


Life keeps going—

Time flowing past swiftly.


Task after task

Lining up to be done.


I love my work,

Almost all of the time.


I get to be authentic

In the way I show up for others.


A touching point—

To remind others of who they are.


I recently noticed,

I rarely slow down just for me.


I rarely take time to celebrate,

All that I do and all that I am.


So much to accomplish,

Quickly forgetting what has been done.


Am I losing  the joyful part of my life—

Can I show up for me?


A touching point—

To remind me of who I am.


I am accomplished.

I am successful.

I am determined.

I am hopeful.

I am an expert.

I am here to learn.

I am supported.

I am  beautifully me.


Do you need a celebration of you?

Who is your touching point today?


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