The Space for Grace

evolution grace letting go together trust Sep 25, 2022
Space for Grace

What if I am NOT

The only thing in my way?


What if each step on this journey

Was exactly right?


No matter how many

Ups and downs there have been.


To bring me to:

Right here.

Right now.


Maybe the challenges I face

Are bigger than I can surpass alone.


Maybe the challenges WE face

Must be addressed together.


It’s time for me to make

The Space for Grace.


Right Here.

Right Now.

I let go and trust.


I am afraid

And excited.

And grounded in knowing.


I have grown in strength.

I’m ready to lift the anchors off of my heart,


And see what I can do at full power,

In harmony with others.


Right Here.

Right Now.

Please help me to understand.


Please help me make space

To be of highest service.


Please guide my steps and

Direct my heart.


Please bring the others to me

So we can walk together, hand in hand.


Right Here.

Right Now.

Be the change in this world.



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