Take Heart

connection courage emotional health heartcentered intuitive guidance meditations on life self-love Jan 22, 2023
Hands Heart Light

Courage is only possible

When we should be afraid.


Stepping into something completely new 

Is one of those times.


Not because we will get hurt, 

But, because we have no anchor points.



Take Heart dear one.


And, by that I mean-

Feel into that giant magnet in your chest.


Let yourself explore its depth,

And ride on its currents drawing us all together.


Can you feel your Inner-net stretching out?

A cosmic web—linking us all to one another?


When you feel afraid,

Or alone,

Or confused,

Or troubled,

Or happy and wanting to share,


Power yourself up, 

Still your beautiful mind, and

Open the huge eye in the center of your heart.

Get online!


What do you see with 

Your heart eye?


And, if you are feeling brave today—

Hitch a ride on the cosmic web into something new.


Or find a friend,

Who’s probably waiting for you.


We are all in this new build together,

Take Heart.


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