awareness balance beauty celebrating you clarity human power superpowers Feb 12, 2024
Two children dressed as superheros in power pose under the sky

What do you see

On the surface of me?


Do you see

My beauty?


My insecurities?

My mastery?


Can you see what

Is uniquely, only, me?


Can you see my age?

My body size?


My gender?

My prosperity?


If your eyes work, I know you see

The color of my skin.


Can you see my

Other colors?


Can you see my



I have them.

So do you.


I am sure of it.

I have a knack for seeing them.


Are your gifts



Or are they privately held

On your IN-side?


Maybe they haven’t yet

Come out to play?


It doesn’t always feel safe

To bring them out.



Can I tell you

A secret?


Your gifts

Will protect you.


Because, first and foremost

They are FOR you!


We most often give our greatest

Gifts to others.


Your gift is often the exact thing

You have always wished you could have.



It has never been easy for me,

To see and accept my own beauty.


Now, I make my living helping

Others see and accept their beauty.


I have a really

Awesome job.


What about you?

How are you using your gifts?


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