awareness balance change freedom mindfulness values Jun 10, 2024
weaning baby staring from highchair

A seemingly unending

Drawing of resources:


From our soils,

From our waters,

From the plants,

From the animals,

From each other,

From our future generations.


Is this wasteful?

A defiling of sacredness?


Is this what the mother does?

Giving of herself unconditionally?


Are we bogged down in a

Suck-Cess pool of greed?


While hopeful and loving hearts

Enable this defiling to continue?


When the mothers begin to dry up,

Do we drink a beer and keep pumping, or


Maybe it is time to

Fucking Wean.


Stop feeding the greed.

Say no to the suckling of our resources.


Withhold the sacred,

Until it is respected and treated correctly.


Where do YOU fall in this

Cycle of ongoing madness?


Are you suckling?

Are you being drained?

Are you both?


Where is all of this

Resource going anyway?


Is this what YOU want

For your great grandchildren?


We must rise up.

Call ourselves back to our values.


What do YOU value?

Are your goals being met?


Who can YOU connect to?

Where can you give back?


Start at home.

Start right now.


We have always been

In this together.


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