Spaced Out

balance choice clarity daily activities mindfulness values Feb 05, 2023

Sometimes when the

Clutter of thoughts has reached its limit.


And you forget to inhabit

Your community of tiny sentient cellular support.


It’s easy to feel a little

Spaced Out.


Maybe the inside is trying

To show what’s needed on the outside.


Do you need a little more



Space from 

Too much doing,

Too much thinking,

Too much working,

Too much needing,

Too much trying,

Too much searching,

Too much avoiding,

Too much fixing,


Do you have any space

For being?

For breathing?

For playful nothing?


Maybe all of those things in your life

Just need to be Spaced Out a bit?


Don’t worry,

There’s plenty of room to stretch into BE.


Try it,

Try it,

Try it and see. 


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