Out of the Boxes

birth change community growth limitless power relationship spirit animal Apr 18, 2022
Out of the Box

What kind of events

Take us to our edges,


Make us reconsider

Our unconscious pledges?


Is pain enough,

To question all that we know?


Do we revert to the familiar

With excuses not to grow?


What of the lulls—

Empty times in between?


When our brain has no solution,

And many truths can be seen.


Do we keep calm and carry on

Hold our faith banner high?


Or give up, leave the space,

And decide not to try?


What about when none of the 

Choices feel right?


We want out of the boxes,

And do not wish to fight.


What if we were free

To expand how we think?


Imagine a world,

Not pushed to the brink.


A world of color,

Of sounds, tastes, and smells.


Breaking into giggles.

Coming out of our shells.


Freshly born—stand together,

Our hearts and minds bare.


Allowing something greater

To make us aware.


What a world we could make

Without limited thought!


Choosing from love 

Not from what’s sold or bought.


Are you ready to play?

How’s that box you are in?


Set it down, come on out

We’re about to begin.



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