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Little girl and boy with heads in laundry baskets and a pile of clothes.

If you could,

Would you give up your pain?


Would you

Not feel the ache for something more?


Would you choose

The immaculate, neutral, okay?


Or are you a—

“Let’s see what this thing can do..” type?


All of this stuff—

This relating, this losing, this sorrow, this fight,


Don’t we all share it?

Maybe the pain is our facet of unity.


When did your pain begin?

What is its Mess Age?


Did it start in a moment you can recall,

Or, perhaps has spilled across generations?


Maybe your pain is pointing

At a pile you have stumbled into and need out.


Is this a mess

You are equipped to handle yourself?


And, even if you can handle it,

Is this clean up yours to do?


Every single one of us

Needs a little help sometimes.


And, we all need to accept we are valuable,

Even if we aren’t helping.


What a funny life game we are playing

In which no one knows all of the rules.


Except, “this might hurt”

And, "no one makes it out alive."


We must have been

Super courageous bad-assess to play in the first place.


I don’t know if understanding the mess

Will resolve the pain or the problems.


But, knowing the scope of the job

Might help with the impetus to get started on it.


What is the kindergarten saying,

Many hands make light work?


I personally like the LaLa Tigers version,

“Pick up your pants…and dance!*”


Think I’ll go check my Mess-Ages,

Just in case I need to get this cleanup party started.


*LaLa Tigers, Raise a Tiger.


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