Listen2YourBody Part 5

intuitive medicine listen to your body series Feb 04, 2021



Good morning body, how are you today?



Body: (Sensation of dry heat in my lungs, tickle in my throat. Feeling of needing to curl my upper spine forward)


*Curl my spine around my lungs*

Body: (Legs are twitching in the back, curling relieves the sensation in my lungs a little.)


*Nose starts to drip*

Lungs, how can I help you?


*Blow nose. Cough up some mucus. Put hand on my chest to comfort my lungs*

Body: (vision of a colorful umbrella)


How do I activate/use this umbrella?

Body: (Feeling of energy in my second chakra and my spine wanting to be very straight and tall. Sensation as if the handle of the umbrella is the base of my spine, and gradually opening the umbrella up my spine until it is completely open above my head; as it is opening it is pushing/repelling any energy in my body that is not needed up and off of me. Moves through my crown chakra with a "pop." Sensation of locking in a protective bubble around me.)


*Neck and spine pop, adjusting themselves.*

Body: (Lungs have a sensation of relief, followed by sadness.)


*Hold my chest with my hand and send love*

Body: (Feeling of loss.)


Thank you body.


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