Listen2YourBody Part 4

intuitive medicine listen to your body series Feb 04, 2021



Body, I have been sick with a cold, can we talk about that?

Body: (Sensation of heaviness in left chest area, like a cloud around my heart in front, a storm, like a Kansas thunderstorm, swirls through my chest, clearing debris. Rain falls in my intestines. A feeling of fresh, new earth rises from the muscles of my back. My head is in a fog.)


*Blow my nose*


It feels like big change inside. Body, how can I help you?

Body: (vision of squatting up and down)


*Get up, do 10 squats*


Body: (storm moves down into my stomach, swirling around my second chakra/power center)


And now?

Body: (feeling of needing to shake my body, like dancing/shaking it out)


*Get up, do a booty shake.*


Body: (the rain moves into my legs and feet. A wave of calm/tired sweeps down from my upper back and back of my neck)


*Neck pops*


Body: (Lungs feel tickley and sticky inside, drainage of mucus falling from my head in slippery splats; my lungs rising with hot prickly dry energy to defend. The fog in my head is less.)


*Nose starts dripping. Blow nose. Cough up mucus.*


Thank you body!


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