Listen2YourBody Part 13

intuitive medicine listen to your body series window of health Feb 04, 2021


Body: (Rushed feeling, like not enough time. Dryness in throat and pressure around 3rd eye.)



Body: (Sensation of being held still, like a light parachute material has been placed over me to restrict my movement. Tension in my heart area.)


Good morning body.

Would you like to talk today?


Body: (Energetic waving feeling back and forth like monitoring/scanning with an underlying sense of fear in my lower body.)


Are you safe?

Body: (Pain through the center of my back, burning.)


What is this?

Body: (Vision of a giant electrical cord plugged into my back.)



[Guide comes to sit with me.]

Guide: It's time to find your center and maintain it.

You must learn to cooperate with your own being first.

You can remove the plug yourself when you embody your full power.


Body: (Sensation of the plug in the back left kidney area.)


Guide: The inner terrain is training you to manage your energy field.

Be the window. (referring to Window of Health-see image)

The window is closed. Always.

It protects from the outside only secondarily.

Mostly it is part of your "house."

A widow offers communication


Awareness of the outside/inside.

You can draw your curtains.

Your greatest "protection" is in being happy, curious, loving and visible.

It is easiest when you are being true to you.

We will work on this with you.

Now go to work.


Thank you!


Body: (Tension in lower back and neck, sense of being on alert. Slightly hard to breathe. Fear of change.)


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