Listen2YourBody Part 10

intuitive medicine spirit animal Feb 04, 2021


Body: (Sadness. Heavy feeling in the left side of my throat. Underlying currents of anger and shame.)



Body, how can I help?


Guidance: Listen.


Body: (Sensation in throat is moving between my heart and throat. Feel it associated with a spot in my lower back on the left side.)


*Scratch itch in right ear*

*Bring focus back to spot in lower back*


Is this mine?

Body: (no change)


Is this someone else's?

Body: (swirl feeling, but not a confirmation)


Is this something else?

Body: (sense of yes)






Body: (vision of sword rising and cutting away/battling a snake-like creature, slicing it lengthwise from my lower back to my head.)


*Neck pops*


Body: (gradually the heavy sensation clears, leaving only pressure in the left side of my head.)


*Focus on spot in head*


Is this mine?

Body: (resistance and movement of the heavy energy to behind my left ear. Pain in left ear and jaw.)


Show yourself.

Body: (Vision of a scared/cowering salamander.)


Return to where you came from.

Body: (Vision of salamander collecting its family and fleeing. Sensation of heaviness in head resolves.)


*Neck pops*


Thank you.


[Guidance for Salamander from

similar to the butterfly, declares the arrival of a transformation. However, it also implies that we will have help with this change from a source somewhere outside of ourselves. In particular, this aid could come through an unexpected person or unique resource. Even though this assistance is temporary and will only stay as long as needed, so make sure that you accept it.]


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