In the Between

change daily activities emotional health energy medicine Nov 01, 2021

Strange middle place

A still eddy in fast moving water.


I can feel something coming

Not sure what or exactly when.


Drawn to be still

And wait…slow down.


Lie back, open myself

Let go and surrender.


Uncertain about this feeling

Am I slipping into apathy?


Have I let go of something precious

Or irreplaceable?


I know I care—why can’t I feel it?

My heart submerged in this moment.


I have been unable to resist

This unmovable current.


Even my mind falls short

No momentum to protest.


If I am not doing,

What is my value?


What I have been and 

What I am becoming


Have left a big space



Think I’ll rest a moment here

Ready and open to what comes next.


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