I Relate

calling connection heartcentered trust us Feb 12, 2023

It can be hard to see you

Through this fog of belief.


I hear you hurting over there

And I recognize that feeling.


It would be easy to stay over here

Behind my illusion of you and me.


It would be easier to pretend

You don’t need my input on this.


That you might be better off

Without me adding to the mess.


Or even that my fog 

Is somehow because of you.


Easier is not

Always better.


I Relate.

I choose to relate.


I choose to reach out and risk—

Though you might not reach back.


I choose to listen

And hold you with respect,


And a knowing that you are 

So capable, strong, and powerful,


No matter how the crazy has 

Gotten into your air today.


I Relate.

I choose to relate.


What do you choose?


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