How Many?

community evolution freedom heartcentered hope remember rise together Nov 27, 2023
Flash mob under rainbow parachute

How many minds

Must change


To create a lasting

Shift in reality?


With so many eyes

Glued to a phone,


Their sweet attention-power

Siphoned away.


Maybe it’s their hearts

We need to reach?


Or the part that remembers

More than the current dream?


Lord knows I have

Enough trouble


Making a lasting change

In my OWN reality game,


Why do I continue to hold

Hope that more is possible for humanity?


I remember—much more than

We have collectively agreed to validate.


And, my heart nearly always

Gives too many fucks.


Am I crazy?

Am I surrounded by crazy?


Discernment can be

A beast some days.


We need a flash mob

Of joyful remembrance.


Reminding our hearts of

Our common sense.


What instrument do you play?

Do you sing and dance?


We need a bunch of practice first,

But, it’s gonna be epic.


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