Hi Tide!

balance birth change choice connection flow meditations on life Oct 23, 2022
Dr. Aubrey Wallace
Hi Tide!

Some log jam inside my heart

Has cracked open.


Fast moving waters rise and

I find myself in the flow.


After surrendering control,

A sense of peaceful discovery prevails.


Hi Tide!


My preferences—once so important,

Seem insignificant right now.


The great universal clock chimes,

And my system obeys and follows.


My body knows how to do this,

This great cosmic dance.


Hi Tide!


I wonder at being both nothing

And of the most exquisite importance.


I watch myself choose what I already know 

has been chosen for me.


Clearly led in each step of this dance,

And beginning to really enjoy it.


Hi Tide!


I’m taking my time,

And—moving right with the beat.


Like one drop in the ocean

As waves move up the beach.


Light shimmering on the water

Feeling warm and delicious.


Hi Tide!


I wonder where this will all lead,

And, I have known for awhile now.


Still, feeling joy at the unfolding,

Of what is created through my hands.


Could it really be this easy?

To trust life to lead my way.



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