Empty Nest

change heartcentered meditations on life mindfulness power space Mar 12, 2023
Empty Nest

Three nests,

Reside in the tree of me.


Sacral nest—

Home of the Phoenix.


During big life changes,

The Phoenix rises,


Upheaval of rebirth

And letting go of the past.


Leaving an 

Empty Nest.


Heart nest—

Home of my family.


Once allowed in,

Always a part of me.


Fierce loyalty and protection,

When appropriate.


In and out of this nest,

Those I love fly.


Leaving an 

Empty Nest.


Mind Nest—

Home of the dove.


One side my stories,

All I have experienced.


The other my being,

All of my potential.


I fluff the nest, 

Brining my mind back home,


So the dove can rise

And carry me to spirit.


Leaving an 

Empty Nest.


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