Create a Flow

balance change energy medicine grateful meditations on life Mar 19, 2023
Create a Flow

Think of something

You feel grateful for.


Say it out loud.

Feel the flow of energy behind the words.


Now pick another,

And do the same—feel the flow.


And another,

Got that flow feeling?


Now, drop the words—

And just create a flow.


Want to try it with a color?


Think of a color

Any color of the rainbow you want.


Imagine a big ball of that color

And imagine stepping into the center of the color ball.


Feel how your body responds,

Do you like the way this color feels?


If you do, ask the ball to create a flow

Of that color to your body.


Let your body drink it in,

As much as is wants, until you are full.


Say thank you to the ball.

Ask does that color want to stay with you or be released?

Honor the decision.

How do you feel?


Maybe turn on your gratitude flow

One more time, just for fun.


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