Courage to Fail

awareness balance beauty calling choice grow letting go Jul 09, 2023
children lying in grass with legs stretched toward sky

I have been

Resisting it so long.


Always the fight

To continue on,


Thinking the goal

Is just out of reach.


What if it 



What if my reaching

Will only ever be reaching?

Is this resistance from a fear

Of never being enough?


In that case, I will muster all of my

Courage to fail.


I can never work hard enough

To achieve my worth.


When did I start playing 

Such a crazy game?


I am a divine child,

Created through beauty and love.


How could I ever have 

Forgotten my worth?


I stop this fight.

I put down my sword.


I surrender.

I am enough.


This me.

This work.

This love.

This pain.

This past.

These mistakes.

This joy. 


I acknowledge.

I accept. 


I appreciate all that has

Brought me to this.


My not enough has 

Failed spectacularly!



Glad that game is done.


Want to play something else?


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