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Mitochondria torquoise and lavendar making energy

You are a collection

Of evolved microorganisms.


Eukaryotes who got together,

Maybe to find more food and survive.


Those cells joined with others, even Prokaryotes!

Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, and Archaea.


They found a way to zip up the ocean,

And carry it together, creating and consuming energy as a unit.


Your symbiotic mitochondria make that energy for you.

You feed and carry them so they can pass their unique lineage on through your daughters.


Con-means with/together.

Sum-means total/all added up.


But, when you add the ‘E’ there is a change of meaning.

Consume is to take, eat, use up or destroy.


I wonder what else the ‘E’ could add?

Maybe an Epiphany or Evolution?


Together, we are the total through which evolution occurs.



Maybe we had to get into these ocean supersuits first.

And learn to manage our energy and power.


Then grow to a more complex system,

One in which energy is shared and sustained.


Just like it is inside of you.

No cell is selfish—except cancer, which sacrifices the whole.


Maybe we had to innovate to free up time from procuring food,

So we could take time to build new things together?



So yes, we started kinda badly.

Wars, greed, and domination came first.


But, don’t all toddlers need to understand their power?

And also be guided lovingly to their best actions and identity?


Spectacular failures like global warming, extractive consumerism, slavery, colonizing and others…

Can inform us of what doesn’t work and where we still need to grow.


We have to take things into our experience (and often our bodies) in order to learn.

We discover what can be digested and is nourishing to our inner communities.


We also learn what is harmful, toxic, invasive,

Dangerous, depleting, unsustainable, and imperfect.


The victories of the toddler are the

Humiliations of the teenager.


We learn and learn, dying and being reborn to new versions of ourselves.

We create idea templates and generate fields of experience we call reality.


Then we bump them into one another,

Finding where we resonate and amplify—or create dissonance and neutralize.


Sometimes we even amplify so much,

That we are able to create something completely new.


Then, we crash our new co-creations into one another,

Refining our collective reality’s values, courage, and resilience.


As we live this process of refinement,

We see what has been leading us.


And we refine again, hopefully,

Uncovering our next layer of value as we grow.



So, let’s not forget,

That first team of amoeba-like beings,


Who talked to those

First mitochondrial ancestors,


And appreciate that their cooperation

Is the reason you exist at all.


That symbiotic union is at our foundation.

We are a harmonic of their love.



Sum-all of us together



Every body already knows,

Love has been leading all along.


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