Bioresonance Therapy Using Bicom Technology

bioresonance energy medicine Feb 04, 2021


“Bioresonance” is a term coined by the Brugemann Institute, which later became The Institute for Regulatory Medicine, in Munich, Germany. The beginning is in 1977 when Hans Morell posed the idea that energies of the body could be used for effective therapy. You probably already know the term “resonance”, it stems from Latin and means resound or echo. If a singer hits an exact note of a tuning fork, the fork will vibrate or resonate. “Bio” means life or living. Bioresonance is the study of the living organisms and their vibrations (frequencies or oscillations). Bioresonance uses the body’s electromagnetic frequency signature in the therapy.

Scientist have proven: Our universe is a sea of energy in which solid bodies called stars and planets have been formed with this compression of energy. One of these bodies of compressed energy is our Earth. Naturally, not only the Earth is compressed energy so is everything material, including human beings. Albert Einstein showed the relationship of energy and matter in his famous formula E=MC2. We must fully understand that matter is really energy and all activities and functions of matter are controlled by energy!

  • Molecules are the building block of matter.

  • Molecules are made up of atoms.

  • Atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles.

  • Sub-atomic particles are made up of waves of energy.

  • This means all matter is really nothing but energy.

The body can be examined and treated from the energetic information and bioresonance is one of the newer medical disciplines based on this scientific knowledge.

The History of Bioresonance Therapy

 During the middle of the last century research in the field of biophysics proved to have many insights. Dr. W.R. Adey, from the University of California, found that transmitted impulses must be a specific frequency, strength, and timing to have an effect. Now called the Adey window of therapy. Professor Albert Popp and his associate, B. Ruth, found cells communicate in the infrared and ultraviolet range and have a high resonance quality. Dr. Carlo Rubbio established the ratio of nucleons to photons (matter to energy) in matter is 1:9.74 X 108 or nearly a billion times more interactive quanta super-ordinate to matter than particles of matter. What this means is that only about one billionth of reality is being considered.

 Our bodies consist of some 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cells and hardly any two vibrate/oscillate exactly alike.

Bioresonance Therapy takes as its starting point the fact the human body is energy and can transmit and receive electromagnetic energy. You cannot see it like when you emit heat from your body. Bioresonance uses technology that detects and reads the ultrafine electromagnetic oscillations produced by every system, organ, gland, cell, and molecule of the body. 

The German physician, Hans Morell, was the first to define and design a system of bioresonance, called the MORA. During 1976, to expand the potential of the MORA, Han Brugemann began devising a more advanced system. In 1987 the BICOM was born. The BICOM could take in energy (as oscillations or frequencies) from electrodes placed on the body, send the energy to the BICOM, which amplified or inverted the signal, and send it back via cables attached to electrodes, also on the body. In 1996 Regumed became the current manufacturer of the BICOM and The Institute for Regulatory Medicine began teaching and training practitioners.

 Possibilities with the BICOM

 The goal of Bioresonance Therapy is the restoration of the body’s self-regulatory ability, the body’s innate ability to selfheal with the right conditions. There are two kinds of frequencies: harmonious (physiological) and disharmonious (pathological). The harmonious oscillations/frequencies are reinforced. The disharmonious are reduced.

 Some disharmonious frequencies are environmental pollutants, vaccination residue, drugs, microorganisms, geopathic zones, heavy metals, pesticides, viruses, or toxic emotions. Disease is the result of pathological oscillations becoming matter. The Europeans have been using this technology for the past 30 years for a variety of issues, which include: Allergies, Addictions, Pain, Intestional Disorders, Childhood Diseases, Chronic Illnesses, and more.





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