An Other Way

meditations on life personal growth perspective Oct 30, 2022
Dr. Aubrey Wallace
An Other Way

Duality exists.

Like—You and Me.

She and He.


At the atomic level

Not so much though,

We’re both bits of particles in space.


We sometimes have to 

Push on things

To experience the edges of ourself.


Perhaps we even create

The duality 

On purpose.


The push and the pull,

Give us definition

And a sense of identity.


The next generation may 

Have begun to figure this out:

What are your pronouns?


Who am I without 

My identities of 

She and Me?


What if

We look at it

An “other” way?


Like heads,

Or Tails,

And—the whole coin.


Like you,

Or Me,

And—us and we.


Like good,

Or bad,

And—not seeing all we had.


Like hope,

Or fear,

And—Anywhere but here.


This way.

That way.

An other way.


Which Way

Are you going



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